We supply 100% pure green millet which is easily digestible. In India, millet is called Bajra. It’s a great body coolant. It is consumed as porridge during summer. It helps to improve the digestion power & heals stomach ulcers too. It helps to improve bowel movements & prevents constipation It is used to make chapattis. It has a high nutritional value. It has a distinctive taste and flavour

Product Green Millet
Size 2 Mm
Moisture <14%Maximum
Protein 8% Minimum
Energy 300 k / Cal
Cultivation Type Common
Color Greyish Green
Processing Dried
Form Kernel
Damaged 2.00%
Immature 2.00%
Insect Damage 2.00%
Foreign Materials 2.00%
Aflotaxin < 20 ppb Maximum
Place Of Origin India
Packaging & Loadability
Packaging Bags 25 kg,40kg,50kg is packed in PP / jute Bag
Loadability 22MT in 20 Ft Container
Min. Order quantity 1×20 ft container
 Season calendar

January February March and April is the Peak Season

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