India is one of the foremost growers of peanuts in the world. We export three various varieties including Raw Peanut, Blanched Peanut, Peanuts Splits. Whole peanuts contain high amount of protein. They impart a nutty aroma to the food and enhance flavours. Peanuts are popularly added to South Eastern cuisine. The oil content in a peanut is far greater than any other oilseed. It is also rich in carbohydrate content.
We also supply raw as well as salted peanuts as per the requirement of our clients. The peanuts are dark pink in colour and are used in the oil manufacturing industry, medical industry and food industry. We supply both kind of groundnut with running type of count.

We have various grades of peanuts we export are:

Raw Peanut
Blanched Peanut
Peanuts Splits
Raw Peanut
Variety Bold Java
Colour Dark Pink Pink
Shape Long/Lengthy Round
Count 38/42,40/50,50/60,70/80,80/90 50/60,60/70,70/80,80/90,90/100,100/120,120 /140
Form Kernals Kernals
Moisture 8% 8%
Foreign Materia 1% 1%
Aflatoxin 20PPB < 20PPB


Blanched Peanut
Variety Bold Java
Colour White White
Shape Long/Lengthy Round
Count 38/42,40/50,50/60,70/80 40/50,50/60,60/70
Form Kernals Kernals
Moisture 5% 5%
Foreign Material 1% 1%
Aflatoxin < 20PPB < 20PPB


Peanut Splits
Variety Bold
Color White
Shape Splits
Count 40/50, 50/60, 60/70
Form Kernals
Moisture 5%
Foreign Material 1%
Aflatoxin < 20PPB
Packaging & Loadability
Variety Blanched Peanut Splits Peanut Raw
Packing 25Kg Vaccum Bag 25Kg Vaccum Bag 30Kg Vaccum Bag
No.of Bags 760 Bags 760 Bags 570 Bags
Loadability 20 FT 19 MT 19MT 17MT
Season Calender

September, October, November and December is the peak season

Other Prouducts:


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