We offered hygienically processed sesame seeds, Clients can obtain at competitive prices. Consequently, we are considered to be one of the most renowned suppliers based in India. They are popularly used on confectionary items like bread, buns and bagels. They are known for their nutritive, preventive and curative properties. They are a good source of calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc, and dietary fiber. We have different grades of sesame seeds.

Black Sesame Seeds
Natural White Sesame Seeds
Hulled Sesame Seeds

Hulled Sesame

Product HS Code Colour Purity Level Moisture Oil Content FFA (Free Fatty Acid)
Natural Sesame 12074090 White 99.98%, 99.97%, 99.95% <7% 48% Min <2%
Natural Sesame 12074010 White(Machine Clean) 98/2/1 <7% 48% Min <2%
Natural Sesame 12074010 White(Sortexed Clean) 99.5% <7% 48% Min <2%
Z Black Sesame 12074010 Black(Z Black Sortexed Clean) 99.95% <7% 48% Min <2%
Natural Black Sesame 12074010 Black(Machine Clean) 99/1/1 <7% 48% Min <2%
Packaging & Loadability
Packaging 25kg or 50 Kg paper bag, pp bag
Loadability 19 MT per 20′ Container
20’Ft Container 380 Bags (50kg/bag)
Season Calendar

January, June, July, November, December

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